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Yoga is a way of life, not a work out class. The beauty of yoga is that it can start out as something physical, but before long you can't help but feel the emotional and spiritual benefits. People start doing yoga to change their bodies, but they dedicate themselves to it once they see how it can change their perspectives and attitudes. The yoga videos uploaded here are suitable for all levels and designed to incorporate the yoga lifestyle into your daily life, rather than the short duration of the video.


I was first introduced to meditation through yoga, but I became a more serious practitioner after a training at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Yoga and meditation complement each other, but meditation is decidedly a separate entity. Meditating is an empowering tool to bring choice back into emotional responses and to forever hold the internal apart from external influence. The meditations shared here are adaptations of what I learned in Nepal. I selected and modified the meditations that were most effective for me in becoming the best, happiest possible version of myself.


videos and recordings

Battling the paradox of patience through forgiveness and gratitude

A 12 minute meditation practice to love yourself as you are, and recognize the divine being inside you.