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I'm excited to announce I'm working on bringing you a variety of new content such as a series of meditation illustrations, stories of my travel adventures presented as comic strips, and guides to some of the more remote destinations that I have traveled to. 



When I traveled in Nepal for three months, part of my stay was at a monastery just outside Kathmandu, called Kopan Monastery. I stayed there for two weeks to complete an Introduction to Buddhism course, and afterwards I stayed for quiet personal study. During the course, I was given concrete tools to improve my mindfulness practice and bring my focus inward, so that my outward impact and impressions could be more positive. I want to share these tools with you because they have made me happier, healthier, and more capable of spreading generosity and kindness.



My practice has been evolving since I first started yoga as a teenager. I recently became a yoga teacher, completing my certification in Costa Rica. I went to the teacher training with the goal of expanding my personal practice, and left with a desire to share the gems of yoga with the world. I follow the path of yoga as a way of life, and hope to express how yoga can offer so much more than physical benefits.